Wager on the Euro Millions Lottery in the US

The Euro Millions Lottery is a pan-European lottery game, launched in 2004 as a collaboration between the national lotteries of the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland.

Over the past decade or so, the Euro Millions Lottery has created more than a hundred multi-millionaires and changed countless lives in these participating countries. In fact, it’s not only in these countries that the impact of the Euro Millions Lottery has been so strongly felt. Scores more people in the US and worldwide have won life-altering amounts of money thanks to this enormous lottery.

Although, for a while initially, the Euro Millions Lottery was only accessible to residents of participating countries, people from all across the globe were soon able to join the fun by placing online bets on the outcome of each draw. This online betting system gives these outside players the opportunity to experience the same thrills and stand in line for wins equally as massive as those available to citizens of Euro Millions Lottery countries.

The Euro Millions Lottery and OnlineLottoUSA.com

There is more than one US site that accepts wagers on the Euro Millions Lottery; as a matter of fact, there are dozens of them. And, although all of these sites focus on the outcome of the same event – the Euro Millions Lottery – the experience offered by each is unique.

The role of OnlineLottoUSA.com is to track down and review all the best Euro Millions Lottery sites that cater to US players. In order to pass the OnlineLottoUSA.com test, these Euro Millions Lottery sites must be fully legal and licensed with the necessary gambling authorities, utilize top-notch security measures, pay out fairly and quickly, and offer a range of additional services such as email notifications of wins and odds calculators.

TOP Euro Millions Lottery sitesAugust 2019

50 Balls and 13 Prize Tiers

The Euro Millions Lottery operates according to the same lottery draw system utilized by US lotteries. In order to participate, the player must select five main numbers between 1 and 50 and two “lucky star” numbers between 1 and 11.

When Euro Millions Lottery draws take place Tuesday and Friday evenings in Paris, five main and two lucky star numbered balls are drawn from separate hoppers of 50 and 11 balls respectively. The jackpot goes to players whose five main and two lucky star numbers match those on the balls drawn but payouts begin to occur at just two matched main numbers, as the Euro Millions Lottery has 13 prize tiers.

Useful Euro Millions Lottery USA Perks

US players who try out the sites recommended by OnlineLottoUSA.com will be pleasantly surprised to discover that there is more than just the jackpot to enjoy. There are actually numerous perks to betting on the Euro Millions Lottery online in the US that participating nations may not enjoy.

For one thing, you can never lose your Euro Millions Lottery ticket because it is stored in your online account with the site. Also, if your ticket turns out to be a winner, you’ll be notified via email of your win so there’s no chance of missing out.

What’s more, before you place your Euro Millions Lottery bet at these sites, you can utilize their unique odds generators to tell you the likelihood of your chosen combination being drawn.


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