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The bottom line regarding free lotto play and the potential ramifications of all things related to free lotto, is to advise all lottery players wanting to join free lottery sites and bet online at no cost, that they need to make sure that their chosen casino or lottery site is a trusted, gold standard online gambling or lottery platform.

Clearly this applies to all casino and lottery sites, but even more so when considering free lotto games with the aim of winning real money. For a start, the software used on any gambling site needs to have been fully approved by the relevant Gaming Control Commissions and online lottery sites licensed in the jurisdictions that apply.

Always Be Skeptical

The next snippet of advice regarding the rather controversial subject of free lotto games is that unless a ticket has actively been bought, it is not possible to win a prize. There is no such thing as ‘email’ draws or lotteries where ‘no tickets were sold’, despite the messages to the contrary from scammers. Sadly the wish and a longing for huge sums of money is so powerful that people are constantly persuaded to part with banking details and money in the belief that this is part of having won a life-altering amount of money.

Standard Free Options

The fact is that despite casino games regularly being provided free, and that these free no download versions are great for practicing and getting the feel of casinos before signing up. The intention here, however is to play these casino games for fun, and appreciate that they are for entertainment only. Free play is often confused with free lotto games, an approach to gambling with very little entertainment value in free mode. Lotto is pure chance, simply a lucky draw with the intention of winning high quantities of money at a low stake.

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Choose Free Lotto Games Only at Right Sites

Having pointed out the weakness of people regarding lotto play, and the large potential for unethical practices in this regard, the reality is that free lotto games are technically possible. Free lotto sites could actually create income for themselves based purely on advertising. They therefore could in fact fund lotto ticket purchases for their members.

Any players badly wanting to be part of a lotto draw and hoping to win copious quantities of money, yet not wanting to pay the nominal price of a normal ticket do have the possibility of signing up with the site concerned. These players will be subject to the sites’ terms and conditions, and should scrutinized these extremely carefully.

Genuine free lotto sites have a number of basics in place that all players, and even just interested and potential victims should be aware of. These sites never charge members, never ask them to send in money, and never require payment in order to claim a prize. Any emails or text messages to the contrary, perhaps even claiming to represent the site, are therefore misrepresenting the sites’ name and logo for nefarious purposes. Reputable free lotto sites will not use a free email address under any circumstances and will communicate only via their established email account. They also never request personal or banking information via email.

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