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The progression of online gambling, and gaming in general since the 90’s is huge and littered with achievements. This includes the assortment of cutting-edge betting products; from high-tech online casinos to a worldwide poker network, including online lotteries worth millions of dollars. Soon accreditation of all the software followed. The international entertainment industry became involved and many branded lottery games were born. Therefore, when reflecting on indulging in free lotto, the only counsel is to stick with tried and tested.

Some Problem Free Lotto Sites

There are many fake, deceitful and false scams and cheats happening around the subject of free lotto. Surreptitious people are trying to use this to cheat people out of their money on a regular basis. Lottery players who wish to play lotteries and to bet online should start off by making extremely sure that the selected casino, or lotto site is a trusted, gold standard online gambling or lottery platform. Real, authentic and honest sites will highlight the fact that their software and security have been fully approved by the relevant Gaming Control Commissions, as well as in the major jurisdictions that apply.

Very important advice regarding the subject of free lotto is basically to know one thing for sure; unless a ticket has actively been bought, one cannot have won a prize. There are no such things as ‘email’ draws or address winning lotteries where ‘no tickets were sold’. Sadly the forlorn hope and desire for large quantities of money is too strong, and people overlook rational thought in the optimistic craving for being awarded millions of dollars with little or no input.

Free Games are on Offer

Casino gambling and table games as well as slot machines are regularly provided for free play. These free, and often no download versions are very popular and understood to be regularly provided. However, the intention here is to play the games for fun. Winnings, in real money, cannot be expected, nevertheless this perceived free play is often confused with free lotto, which is not a game to play for the fun alone. It is purely a lucky draw. The intention is to win large volumes of money with a low initial stake, but a stake nonetheless.

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Free Lotto Sites’ Income

Notwithstanding the precautionary warnings, and the dangers around this practice, the reality is that free lotto is actually theoretically available. The real, viable and free lotto sites generate income from the advertising placed on their site. This money can then, in an ethical environment be used to fund lotto ticket purchases for their members. This is why all players wishing to treat themselves to free lotto play, yet expecting to win copious quantities of money, will need to sign up with the site concerned. And adhere strictly to their terms and conditions. These should, of course, be analyzed very carefully.

Honest free lotto sites will never charge members. They also do not ask them to send in money or require payment in order to claim a win. Should players receive emails or phone text messages claiming to represent the site, they should be aware of this. The authors of such emails are misappropriating the sites’ name and logo in order to scam players. Reputable free lotto sites will not be using a free email address under any circumstances but will communicate only via their established email account. They will never request personal or banking information via email.

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