How Sic Bo Really Works

As with anything, experience is the best way to learn. But for simplicity here is a short description on how this exciting game works. Being largely a game of chance, Sic Bo requires very little knowledge to start playing and reading rewards.

The game uses a total of three dice. Yet, when compared to other games, including craps, is extremely simple to play and understand. The whole game is simply a prediction on the outcome of rolling those three dice.

In most cases, there are six types of bets. Sometimes there can be more, depending on the variation of the game being played.

The most common type of wager in Sic Bo is big or small (Hence the name Sic Bo, meaning big small). Understandably. Simple even money odds on whether the total of the three dice rolled is less than 10 or more than 11. A triple, in Sic Bo this means the same number on all three dice, means the house wins. Similarly, players can bet on an odd or even total being rolled.

Then, rather excitingly, players get to bet on the combined sum of the three die, with the odds on these totals varying with the likelihood of them coming up.

Players can also bet on triple numbers rolled. This means predicting the number that all three dice will show. Obviously the pay-out on such a bet is extremely high, which is commensurate with the odds of such an event occurring. However, for reasonably high odds of 24 to 1, players can also bet on any triple occurring, and even on any double coming up. This is two die with the same number, a wager that if won pays 8 to 1.

The final two broad betting types available are wagering on the exact number thrown and on any number rolled. Within the first type, there are 15 possible combinations that can be rolled on 2 of 3 die. Predicting a combination yields a 5 to 1 pay-out. Of the final, and perhaps most popular bet type, players predict a dice number, 1 to 6, and are paid out according to the number of dice rolling that number.

A fun time on any platform, with a high return to those who play with courage and luck.

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Sic Bo, from the Great East

The wonderful world of online gambling has taken the planet by storm. The expanding market has grown the casino industry substantially. With this rapid rate of growth, at times it is possible that certain areas get left behind, but this is not the case with the timeless game of Sic Bo. This game, originally from ancient China, is very popular throughout India and has survived through the centuries as a much loved and sought after casino game, and today, at the heights of human ingenuity, even more people can and do play the game.

Some of Sic Bo’s History

From the Chinese meaning ‘small big’, this game has grown with civilizations, and now thrives in the online casino spotlight. But the essence of the game remains the same, and though to the beginner the range of possible bets may seem complicated, this is not the case and the benefits to learning its simple basics can be very lucrative. With a wide spread of bets available and the odds resting on the roll of three die, players love this game for its pure luck origins and high odds.

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